Eternal pacemaker

Soon will be the eternal pacemaker

Millions of people around the world each year are implanted pacemakers, specifying the correct heart rate reduction. However, they require periodic replacement of batteries. In the USA, it was created a new type of pacemaker, the energy for which will give … the heart.

Pacemakers are used successfully in cardiology for more than half a century – they are using weak electrical impulses that tell the correct frequency of heart beats. This saves the life of patients with various arrhythmias and some other diseases.

But these miniature pacemakers are powered by batteries, and even the latest batteries having high capacity, sooner or later need to be replaced, which require surgery.

American researchers from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor City (University of Michigan in Ann Arbor) have created a brand new pacemaker, which differs from its predecessors in that its power is produced by a rechargeable source, which give energy to reduce the heart.

This principle has been realized in a mechanical watch long ago, and later, in 90-ies as well has charged batteries and miniature quartz. During the movement of the hands of a special device converts mechanical motion into electrical energy.

Now, scientists from the Michigan University created for the most miniature pacemaker "dynamo" in the world, which can be converted to electrical energy vibration of the chest, the most rhythmic and constant of which are caused by heart beats.

"Dynamo" by piezomaterial is so sensitive, that is capable of producing an electric current at any heart rate and filling. The quantity of energy produced is always several times greater than that required to power a pacemaker.


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