Avilova Olga

AVILOVA Olga (1918) – USSR State Prize (1975), Honored Scientist of Ukraine (1982), Honored Doctor of Ukraine (1962), MD (1974), Professor (1975), Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery and Pulmonology of Kyiv medical Institute of Postgraduate Education(1975 -1988).

She was born in 1917. She graduated from the school of Seltsovsk.

In 1941 she graduated from Smolensk Medical Institute and was drafted into the army. During World War II she worked as a surgeon and Head of surgery department in the Bryansk regional hospital.

Since 1957, she worked for a long time as a head of the department of the Kiev Medical Institute.

In 1974 she defended her doctoral thesis "Resection and plastic of bronchial and mediastinal trachea". She was a disciple of Acad. Amosov.

Under the direction of O.M. Avilova the emergency assistance to victims of trauma chest, spontaneous pneumothorax, airway foreign bodies, and esophagus was set up. Author of over 300 scientific abstracts, including two monographs. Scientific direction – reconstructive surgery of the trachea, bronchus and esophagus.

Founder of scientific school of reconstructive surgery of the trachea and bronchi. Under her leadership, the doctoral and 19 master's theses were made. Disciples – prof. M. Bagirov, J. B. Goer, A. Makarov.

Member of the Great Patriotic War.

She was awarded by the Order of the Red Star, Red Banner, medals.

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