Procedure for termination of association

8.1. Termination of the Association may take place through merger, consolidation, division, conversion or liquidation in accordance with and in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.

8.2. Decision on termination of the Congress of the Association shall be deemed adopted if voted for by 2 / 3 of those present at the Congress of elected delegates.

8.3. Liquidation of the Association is held under the decision of the Congress of the Association or the court in cases provided for by applicable law (the liquidation commission, appointed by the Congress of the Association or the court).

8.4. Since the appointment of a liquidation commission it receives all powers to manage the affairs of the Association.

8.5. The Liquidation Commission will publish in the official press in the location of the Association about the upcoming elimination.

8.6. The procedure and terms of liquidation, are determined by the Congress of the Association or the court.

8.7. Dissolution Committee:

  • evaluates the available property of the Association;
  • makes liquidation balance sheet and submits it for approval by Congress members

8.8. The liquidation committee is responsible for damage caused by the Association and third parties in accordance with the law.

8.9.Decisions to use assets remaining after liquidation, the liquidation committee published in the media.

8.10. In case of liquidation of the Association of its assets must be transferred to another non-profit public organization or credited to the revenue budget.

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