Sources of funding and the order of property and funds of association

6.1.In Association property may be movable and immovable property, tangible and intangible assets, money and other property acquired legally.

6.2. The Association has the right to manage any property and funds that are in its possession due to the agreement that is contrary to the objectives of the Association and the legislation of Ukraine.

6.3. Property and funds of the Association include:

  • funds or assets received free of charge or as a non-refundable financial assistance or donations;
  • passive income;
  • money or property coming to the Association from holding its primary activity;
  • grants or subsidies received from state or local budgets or state funds within the charity, including humanitarian aid or technical assistance provided by the Association under the terms of international treaties ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, except subsidies regulation of prices for paid services provided through the Association or its beneficiaries under the law, to reduce those prices.;

funds or property received by the Association for its core activities, subject to subparagraph 7.11 11 of paragraph 7.11 Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On Enterprise Profit Tax".

6.4.Money payments on current account of the Association accepted in cash or by transfer to current account.

6.5.Funds Association is in full possession of the Association and seizure are not refundable, except as required by the legislation of Ukraine.

6.6.The source of property and funds of the Association can not be credit.

6.7. Property and assets of the Association shall not be pledged.

6.8.Association is independent in making economic decisions, determining working conditions of staff of the Association, using its own financial and material resources according to the laws of Ukraine.

6.9. Association books on separate bank accounts for implementation of mandated activities, both in local and foreign currencies.

6.11. The financial activities of the Association will be in accordance with laws of Ukraine.

6.12.Income or property of the Association not subject to distribution among their founders, participants or members and may not be used for the benefit of any particular founder, individuals and entities, and used to meet statutory obligations of the Association.

Association may have owned land, buildings, vehicles, housing, equipment, inventory, property, cultural, educational, scientific and educational purposes, funds, stocks, other securities and other property necessary for financial support of the Association specified in its Charter.

Association according to the Ukraine to possess, use and disposal of all its property in accordance with the purposes of its activities and purpose of the property.

Association is the property owner association in general. Every single member of the Association has no ownership share of property owned by the Association.

The Association has a goal of its activities to profit. Association funds are spent on implementation of statutory tasks.

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