Members, their rights and responsibilities

3.1. Membership is voluntary.

3.2.Individual members of the Association may be individuals – adult citizens – the specialists with higher professional education, engaged in professional, research, teaching and practice in thoracic surgery, doctors and specialists in related fields of medicine, medical equipment engineers and students of the training institutes that support the aims and objectives of the Association and participate in its activities.

3.3.Collective members of the Association may be groups of enterprises, institutions and organizations that support the aims and objectives of the Association and the Association shall promote the implementation of its purposes and objectives.

3.4.All the members of Association have equal rights and duties.

3.5.Admission to the members, and out of the persons by regional offices of the Board and approved by the Board of the Association a written statement of the person who comes to the Board regional offices of the Association. Admission to the collective members, and withdrawal there from by the Board of the Association by decision of the enterprise, institution or organization.

3.6. The members of Association have the rights to:

  • have the support and use all of the activities of the Association for satisfaction their creative and professional interests;
  • to vote and be elected to the executive and supervisory committees of the Association;
  • discuss the issues about the activities of the Association and to put forward initiatives for its improvement;
  • use the property of the Association, due to the legislation of Ukraine and this Constitution;
  • participate in all activities performed by the Association;
  • make offers to all committees of the Association on matters related to the activities of the Association;
  • obtain information on the Association, and also to get acquainted with her documents;
  • recommend their representatives to the governing committees of the Association at the Congress of Association members;
  • proceed with the Association on their own based personal application.

3.10. Members has to:

  • comply with the Charter of the Association;
  • actively participate in activities of the Association;
  • implement the decisions of the governing bodies of the Association;
  • pay the membership fee of the Association and to promote personal participation the Association activities.

3.11.In the Association the honorary membership is provided. The specialist in thoracic surgery, which made a significant contribution to the goals and objectives of the Association, can become an Honorary member of the Association by the decision of the Board. Honorary membership in the Association is recognition of merits and has no any financial or other benefits and privileges. Honorary members have equal rights and responsibilities along with other members of the Association.

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