Activities of the public organization, its purposes, objectives, rights and responsibilities

2.1. The main purpose of the Association is to help to address the current theoretical, practical and scientific challenges in thoracic surgery and related medical specializations and to protect the legitimate interests of its members.

2.2. To achieve the objectives within the Association does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine, the following tasks:

  • to support training and educating members of the Association, who’s practical and (or) scientific activities are related to thoracic surgery;
  • to promote priority areas of research in thoracic surgery;
  • to facilitate the provision of scientific, practical and legal assistance to members of the Association, to promote the improvement of medical education and professional development experts for young scientists and physicians, development of professional, ethical and deontological traditions in medicine;
  • to develop cooperation with international and national scientific medical societies and associations.

2.3. For the satisfaction of statutory obligations required which do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine the Association, intends to:

  • improve the training of doctors and other professionals working in medicine in the area of thoracic surgery;
  • develop the new methods of research and technology;
  • organize and conduct non-profit conferences, symposia, seminars;
  • analyze, summarize and publicize the results of scientific research in thoracic surgery;
  • form and guide the composition of editorial Committees and editorial boards for the Association created specialized medical journals, organize, review and preparation for publication of proceedings of congresses, conferences, symposia and other scientific activities , to recommend to the publication the scientific articles of members of the Association;
  • develop and strengthen the relations with scientific societies and associations with other medical specialties and allied areas of science and technology as well as cooperating in the development issues of mutual interest;
  • establish educational and scientific-technical centers, enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • establish local branches of the Association;
  • cooperate with companies and organizations whose activities are consistent with the purposes and objectives of the Association;
  • facilitate the training of doctors-specialists in thoracic surgery, scientific and practical application of advanced methods of ;treatment
  • facilitate the development of training and software manuals, guidance materials, creating educational films and videos that are aimed at improving teaching methods of thoracic surgery;
  • facilitate the implementation of special scientific and methodological research in medicine and thoracic surgery.

2.4.In an order to achieve the statutory objectives the Association shall:

  • form its local (regional) centers according to the legislation of Ukraine;
  • unite in unions, associations and other associations that are created on a voluntary basis and assist in implementing the statutory objectives;
  • exchange information and experts from relevant organizations of foreign countries;
  • open accounts (in local and foreign currencies) in banking;
  • found media, engage in publishing activities through the creation of publishing houses;
  • enter into agreements to obtain ownership of property, carry responsibilities as a plaintiff or defendant in court;
  • disseminate information about the purpose and intent to the Association;
  • implement the established procedure editorial and publishing activities through the establishment of its print media and publishing establishment;
  • make international contacts and participate in scientific and cultural exchange;
  • have its own symbols, which must be registered in the manner prescribed by current legislation of Ukraine.

2.5. Duties of the Association:

The Association has to:

  • comply with the legislation of Ukraine, and with the generally recognized principles and norms of international law regarding the scope of the Association;
  • promptly inform the registration authority about the change of the location of the permanent governing body of guidance and other changes in the Association;
  • enforce statutory objectives;
  • provide a report about the use of property at the request of the Association;
  • ensure compliance with statutory objectives.