General positions

1.1.Ukrainian public organization "The Association of Thoracic Surgeons of Ukraine (hereinafter – the Association) – is a non-profit , public organization with a national scale.

1.2. Association was established due to the initiative of professionals involved in research, teaching and practice in thoracic surgery to protect the general interests of the Association and to achieve stated purposes and objectives.

1.3.Organizational and legal forms of association: public organization.

1.4.Name: “Association of the Thoracic Surgeons of Ukraine”.

  • ukrain name – Всеукраїнська громадська організація «Асоціація торакальних
  • хірургів України»;
  • russian name – Всеукраинская общественная организация «Ассоциация торакальных
  • хирургов Украины»;
  • Сокращенное
  • наименование Ассоциации украинским языком:
  • ВГО «Асоціація торакальних хірургів України».
  • Сокращенное
  • наименование Ассоциации русским языком:
  • ВОО «Ассоциация торакальных хирургов Украины».

1.5.Localization: 25001, Ukraine, Kirovograd, 65, Karl Marks Str, room. 311.

1.7. The Association operates under the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law "About the Public Associations", on the current legislation of Ukraine, due to this Constitution, on the basis of law, humanity, openness, voluntariness, mutual interests and equality of its members.

1.8.Structure of the Association is based on a territorial basis. The bases of the organizational work of the Association are its regional centers that are created in Ukraine to implement the statutory purposes and objectives of the Association, its structural development of its structural the network.

1.9.The activity of the Association is built on the principles of self-governing, the election of government on democratic principles, transparency, collegiality, self-financing, equity and legitimacy.

1.10. Activity of the Association has a public character that does not contradict its interaction with public authorities and does not limit the right of getting public support in close contact with other public organizations and individuals.

1.11.The Association is not a profitable organization that operates in the public interest and does not receive incomes from this activity.

1.12.Due to its Constitution the Association is an organization with national scale, its activity is developing all over Ukraine.

Association acquires legal personality from the moment of the state registration due to the order of the established legislation of Ukraine.

1.13.The Association has the civil rights and obligations and it may be a plaintiff or defendant in the court.

1.14.The Association has a round seal with its primary name, stamps, letterheads with its name, symbols, examples of which are approved by the Board of the Association. Symbolism of the Association is registered in the prescribed manner.

1.15.Association is not responsible for the obligations of the state; the state is not responsible for the obligations of the Association.

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