A.A. Shalimov

A.A. Shalimov – an outstanding surgeon, scientist, chairman of the board of the Scientific Society of Surgeons of Ukraine, academician of the NAS and AMS of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology, State Prize winner.

Alexander A. Shalimov was born January 20, 1918. in the Lipetsk region in a family of simple farmers, where there were 14 children. After graduating from the 5 classes’ school and working with faculty of Krasnodar Medical Institute, in 1936, he enrolled at the institution, after which the surgeon was sent to the Chita region. There Shalimov have had a great experience in surgery, performing complex operations often in extreme conditions.

At the end of World War II trained at major hospitals of the country, constantly improving and working on them.

Since 1949 he worked as head of surgery department at the Bryansk regional Hospital with Amosov. From 1952 to 1953 he was working as an assistant in the Kursk Medical Institute, and then he became the chief surgeon of the Bryansk region. He developed new methods of operations on the esophagus, stomach and lungs. He enters into the practice of new methods of surgical treatment of urological, gynecological, trauma and diseases.

In 1955, Ph.D. thesis, then, as Associate Professor of Surgery Faculty of Kharkov Medical Institute, defended his doctoral degree.

In 1970, at the suggestion of the Central Committee of the Communist Party he moved to Kiev to the chair of thoracoabdominal surgery department of Medical Institute of postgraduate education. At the same time the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery, which began operation in 1972 was created. Shalimov becomes the head of the Institute. Shalimov made major contributions to surgery of biliary tract and pancreas.

In 1993 he was elected as a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Today the Institute, called among the people "temple of man's salvation," and named after the famous surgeon, is a leading center for surgical gastroenterology, gepatopancreatology, thoracic, microvascular and endovascular surgery. He quit by age from active surgery, patients continued to advise Shalimov and remained an honorary director of the Institute.

In 1998, the decision of the International Chamber of the American Biographical Institute named Shalimov as a person on the planet. Alexander Shalimov died February 28, 2006 by 89-year life and is buried in the Baikov cemetery in Kiev.

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