How to tell public and physicians about health reform?

This issue was discussed at a meeting with the heads of press services of the regional health authorities, held at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The participants of the meeting noted that the doctors and the public don’t have enough information about changes occurring in health care. In particular, it is not enough due to the task of reforming – to improve the quality and accessibility of health care for the population and working conditions – for doctors, as well as preparation of the introduction of health insurance.

Also, participants noted that it was given a few examples, which already show the results of the reforms. Such examples exist not only in the pilot regions. For example, the Vinnytsia region was first finished work on the centers of primary health care. It is possible to improve access to health care, especially in rural areas. In Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions for the timely passage of first aid was implemented a network of telecommunications software. In Kiev started its work the 40 family medicine clinics, in the vast majority in "sleeping" remote areas. Zhytomyr Region is one of the first in the introduction of perinatal technologies. In many regions there were implemented projects to motivate health workers; they implemented the program of social support.

To improve the lighting changes that are occurring in the industry,it was planned a number of outreach activities, including press clubs, round tables, hot telephone lines of the reform, the creation of the relevant sections on the websites of regional health offices, etc. Ministry of Health is working on a site dedicated to "health care reform", where you can see with the regulations, information on the progress of the reform, provision of information support this.

Press – service of Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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