Ukrainian surgeons have mastered the technology of electric welding for different kinds of operations (video)

10 years ago in Ukraine for the first time the living tissue was connected by welding. The idea was proposed by the specialists of the Institute of Paton.

Now these operations are performed in almost all leading clinics in the country. And the Academician Boris Paton convinced that Ukrainian scientists will soon tell the world how to weld – the bone.

In carrying out operations with the help of electric welding the living tissue is connected quickly and without scarring under the influence of electric current, which is much easier than impose the numerous of seams.

As Anatoly Makarov, head of the Department of Pulmonology of KMAPE, said: "Virtually no blood loss during dissection of tissue, operation is accelerated in half to two times, we not wasting our time to stop bleeding, and most importantly, what we have seen over the past six years, is no infected complications" .

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