World Cancer Day

February 4th World Cancer Day

On the eve of World Cancer Day, celebrated on February 4, at the Kiev City Clinical Cancer Center was held a roundtable. Event organizers – General Directorate of Health Care in Kiev, Kiev City Clinical Cancer Center and OOO "Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine."

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, cancer as a cause of death, took second place in the structure of mortality in the country. The risk of cancer in the Ukraine has every third man and every fifth woman to 30% of patients – a person of working age. Registered in cancer institutions is about 1 million patients each year more than 160,000 new cases of cancer (470 cases per day). According to estimates of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, by 2020 the incidence of malignant neoplasms in the country reached 180 000 new cases, that is to increase by 15%.

Round Table participants discussed such issues as the current state of cancer incidence in Ukraine and Kiev, the way to bring together all parties to fight cancer, its prevention, screening, and increase alertness in the oncology community, as well as providing a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of cancer. Besides, presented the projects already implemented, as well as identify further joint efforts needed to effectively fight against cancer in general.

During the Round Table was presented "The Diary of a patient," published by the company "Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine" with the Charity Foundation "Women's health and family planning." "Diary of a Patient" helps streamline the process of treatment and surveillance of the disease, which contributes to rapid recovery. Company representatives also shared the global experiences of Sanofi Group in overcoming worldwide cancer, and reported their further steps to promote the fight against cancer in Ukraine.

As the General Director of "Sanofi-Aventis Ukraine" Jean-Paul Shoer noticed the company provides innovative products, cooperating with state authorities and initiating various social and educational programs. The company has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which defines our partnership with health authorities and industry professionals. Under the agreement, the Sanofi will cooperate in various areas, including support for better management of breast cancer. It is planned to start awareness programs for the public, exchange of experience for doctors, pilots pathomorphology schools and school of support for women with this disease.


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