Florikyan Arshavir Karapetovich

Florikyan Arshavir Karapetovich – MD, PhD, professor of Department thoracoabdomina surgery ofl Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Honorary member of the Association of Surgeons of Armenia, member of the Society of Surgeons of Kharkov.

Florikyan Arshavir Karapetovich was born in Sukhumi (AbhSSR). Member of the Great Patriotic War. In 1947 he graduated from high school with honors and with distinction at the same time Sukhumi State School of Music in piano. In 1954 he graduated from the Kharkov Medical Institute, Medical Faculty with honors. He worked in the surgical department of the Kharkov Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis and in the Kharkov Institute of blood transfusion and emergency surgery in the position of clinical intern, research assistant and since 1961 – Senior Research Fellow.

He defended his thesis in 1959 on the theme: "The efficiency of thoracoplasty and its effect on the function of respiration and circulation."

Since 1965 – Head of the Department of Surgery of the lungs and mediastinum in a newly created Kharkov Scientific Research Institute of General and Emergency Surgery (HNIIONH). He defended his doctoral dissertation on "Modern aspects of surgical suppurative lung disease" in 1974, and in 1976 he was awarded the title of professor. From 1974 to 1982 he was a deputy director of the Kharkov Scientific Research Institute of General and Emergency Surgery. From 1982 to 1988 – head of the department of thoracoabdominal surgery of Kharkov Institute of Postgraduate Education.

Student of Academician of the NAS and AMS of Ukraine A. Shalimov and Professor AG Kiselev. Author of more than 360 scientific papers, 11 monographs and manuals, 17 patents, 72 of the innovations devoted mainly to surgical treatment of various diseases of the lungs, mediastinal organs, including the pathology of the thymus gland, and the combined bullet and road transport of polytrauma.

Prizes and awards in the field of medicine:

The title "Excellence of Health" (1957), the award for best scientific work of the Kharkov Scientific-Medical Society (1968, 1975., 1978.)

Diploma "Academic Award in Clinical Medicine" of the Presidium of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (2009).

The most famous articles:

  1. "The significance of thoracoplasty in the treatment of cavernous forms of pulmonary tuberculosis (1963);
  2. "Surgical tactics and treatment of patients with generalized myasthenia gravis" (1978);
  3. "The clinic, diagnosis and treatment of serious injuries in road accidents" (1980) (in collaboration);
  4. "Surgery of breast lesions" (1998);
  5. "Purulent diseases of the lung and pleura" (2007);
  6. Guide "Surgery of mediastinal tumors" (2009);
  7. "Multiple injuries" in 4 volumes. Guide for physicians. (2010) (in collaboration).


  1. "Method for diagnosis of myasthenia gravis" (co-) № 778 704, 1989, the USSR
  2. "A method for treating myasthenia gravis" (co-) № 824 187, 1990, the USSR
  3. "The process of defining the tactics of the stress test" (co-) № 20 707, 2007
  4. "The process of non-invasive determination of the parameters of central hemodynamics and cardiac activity" (co-) № 30 478, 2008

Priorities and directions of scientific and practical activities:

  1. Surgical treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
  2. Surgery nonspecific suppurative lung diseases.
  3. Surgical treatment of mediastinal tumors and pathology of the thymus gland.
  4. Surgery damage of the chest, abdomen and its organs and systems.
  5. Surgical aspects of combined gunshot trauma.

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