In the capital of Ukraine was approved a plan to reform health care system

In the capital of Ukraine was approved a plan to reform health care system

At KCSA was agreed a schedule of the experiment to reform the health care system of the capital in 2011-2014.

It is expected that through the implementation of planned measures health capital will be given to European norms and standards.

Also it was developed a draft program guidelines for the development of medicine, "Health care" in Kiev until 2025, which includes program of development and strengthening of material-technical base of health care institutions of communal ownership in 2011-2025. This program is a part of the development strategy of Kiev until 2025.

Capital expected:

  • Opening on the basis of the Kyiv city hospital № 6 the established the Centre for the provision of obstetric and gynecological care for children and adolescents.
  • Creating a network of high perinatal centers in the national project "New Life" – a new quality of maternal and child health. "
  • Opening of three perinatal centers in the city's maternity hospital, which will build a closed loop circuit surveillance for women, starting with the initial examination, pregnant at the I level, providing health care and, if necessary, in hospitals II and III level.
  • In order to ensure the arrival of the brigade standard "emergency" to the place of call in 10 minutes, work continues on creating items of permanent and temporary home teams "emergency". Now in Kiev defined 16 substations and 25-point DC-based RMA teams in health care institutions.

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