Vasil Fokich Savchenko

Vasil Fokich Savchenko – a doctor, a thoracic surgeon, the founder of thoracic surgery in the Kirovograd region. Commander of the Order of Labor Red Banner, Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

Was born in 1918 in the village Grinevo of Chernigov province. The family had 13 children. When he was 14 years, he was sent to technical school in Smolensk, which he graduated with honors. After that he graduated with honors from the pilot’s and parachutist’s school and the school of Voroshilov shooters. Vasil Fokich Savchenko graduated from technical school and applied for the Academy of fighter aircraft, in which he was accepted without examination. But his father, chairman of the kolkhoz, burned all the incoming messages in the community that Vasil should immediately come to the academy and start studying.

After the war, Vasil Fokich entered Smolensk Medical Institute. When he had finished the first course the Finnish war started. Savchenko selected in the structure, which is now called the GRU.

When the Finnish campaign was over, Vasil returned to Smolensk. Savchenko continuing his studies in medical school, but then again, the war begins – The Great Patriotic War. As a result, when in 1942 he finally graduated, 148 of them were sent to the release of Stalingrad, where they almost all died, and twenty, among who was Vasil Fokich, were sent to Moscow. In 1948, as captain Savchenko was retired from the army, and he was asked to go to Ukraine. He was sent to the village Shamovka in Znamyanka region. Later, he was already working in the Znamenka hospital. Later Vasil Fokich moved to Kirovograd to work in the railway hospital.

Before 1960 he practiced as a general surgeon.

Vasil Fokich Savchenko began his surgical work with Shalimov, almost at the same time he opens a department of thoracic surgery in Kirovograd and Shalimov – in Kharkov. And before that they both worked in Kiev, together with Olga Matveyevna Avilova.

In 1966, Vasil Fokich received the Order of Lenin for heart surgery. In general, it has only about 1,200 operations on the heart, not counting operations on the lungs and esophagus, which, in fact, engaged in thoracic surgery.

The development of thoracic surgery in the Kirovograd region in the future engaged his students – V.Getman, V.Naik, L.P.Kondratenko, V.A.Luntovsky, V.F.Deundyak, G.N.Ursol, A.P.Bondarchuk, V.A.Davydkin.

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